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27-Dec-2017 12:40

They were brought together in mid January by a mutual friend, Screw magazine publisher and world-class vulgarian Al Goldstein. A., Carrie was going to attend Goldstein’s birthday party. “I’d set Al up with a girl I work with, and he was trying to repay the favor,” says Margolis.

“He said I couldn’t pursue Carrie because she was still living with Hef, but I’m the sort of person who wants what I can’t have.” In Leigh, however, Margolis found a Bunny ready to bolt.

Favorite activities: skiing (he’s accomplished, she struggles on the bunny slopes of Buttermilk Mountain) and just lounging around the two-story, red-clapboard, million-dollar home he recently purchased in the Woody Creek section near town. First off, take into account Streisand’s penchant for falling head over heels.

“Some women do everything for their man, and Barbra is one of them,” says a close friend of hers.

So were Michael Douglas, Oprah Winfrey, Martina Navratilova and Bruce Willis.Angry over Hefner’s ministrations to Jessica Hahn, she was already planning to exit the Playboy mansion and leave Hef in a huff.

In total about 6 couples and 8 single guys in the 7 years.… continue reading »

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Addiction has many forms, but the reality is that it can take a toll on an individual’s family life.… continue reading »

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