Siwon and tiffany dating

28-Aug-2017 09:20

las actuaciones son excelentes nuestra heroina Kim Sun Ah nos hara poner la piel chinita y latir nuestro corazoncito a todo vapor... Si de accion se trata no puedes dejar de ver City Hunter en la posicion numero 3... Por mi parte hubiera querido que apareciera un drama historico pero no fue asi, es una lastima. En la posicion 10 nos encontramos con un maravilloso drama Princess Hours no solo nos ralata la historia de la Familia Real y el matrimonio arreglado entre los protagonistas sino nos enseña la Cultura Coreano y como siguen conservando sus costumbres es maravilloso el conjunto de todo este drama... a por supuesto con el extra de disfrutar al bonbon de Lee Min Ho... I've always she's a pretty woman and that the most beautiful member in SNSD way before LR but yeah her acting talent moves me.. You may not be enchanted by her looks but her personality is TRUE GOLD! She has talent, and it looks like more talent than you ^.^! But just know that you also have people out there who will support you, Like me ^^! Yoona is freakin gorgeous, her acting is just perfect! Thank for your suggestion, but I'm fine watching Yoona. I have known a lot of actresses whose are more talented than her, but there something about her that is special. Im wishing for the best of both worlds for her singing and acting career. always here for bless u IM YOONA Yoona caught my attentoon in Love Rain.. She did nothing to you, but I guess you guys are just jealous, huh? I just want you to know that there will be times other people will bash b/c they are jealous that you are on a higher level than their own bias!! The first ever yoong drama as a lead which is 'you're my destiny' really made me hooked and cry. But I don't get why she tends to pair up people a lot older than her in the past. just remember that Don't let peoples expectations of you shadow your career path. I'm a bias of Sooyoung since up to this moment i still can't erase My Spring Days of my mind but Yoona&Yuri aren't bad either... you caught my heart already and I always thinking of you...fight ms. The dialogue was refreshingly honest and comical that I eagerly look forward for their scenes together - a young girl who brought a breath of fresh air to the serious stoic man of a PM with her natural charm and honest youthful qualms and perky smile , patiently bearing with the PM' character and quirks despite being reprimanded countless times for her inquisitiveness to help. Although the lead role is not match enough (yoona and lee boem soo), the story is fun! Yoona I'm very interested in you because you are good, beautiful, cute, funny, I like you have a face so beautiful .. It is because of her that I was introduced into KPOP world which I used to hate. Even though it just typical korean drama and a kind of family type it doesnt fade away your shine&bright and beautiful personality inside and out. I think your new drama energy just like yourself .. So i cant wait your acting will shup the mouth haters .. SM should pick her next project carefully and managed to get interesting characters. Luv Prime President&I/Cinderella Man(Yoona) damn much&also No Breathing/Fashion King(Yuri).. Da jung I hope that very very soon you and prime minister kwon will continue to inspire me again with "Prime Minister and I part2"... Yoona made the character Nam Da Jung so natural and effortless. Romantic comedy genre that has a cute plot between reporter Yonna and prime minister lee boem soo. I love you you what is in my heart until when when and a further perkar I love girls generation forever and ever Taeyeon Yoona Seohyun JESSIC TIFFANY SUNNY YURI HYOYEON SOOYOUNG I really like Yoona though I'm a normal girl, Yoona is the only artist I've ever supported through fans donations. First time i see u in gee video, that time im so wow, u like innocent girl, sweet, nice smile n when u wink oh im feel "right now i like u" . When i got to know yoona and her world seeing those kpop videos on TV didn't irritate me anymore I have come to understand it.

Las buenas historias se deben de contar y en la posocion 11 nos encontramos con un drama pero no solo para ponernos a llorar sino para reflexionar sobre la vida... nos da grandes lecciones de vida y nos enseña a seguir nuestros sueños hasta el final... Bueno estos fueron los dramas por los que votaron se los agradezco muchisimo y espero que comenten que les parecion la lista...

Your performance in Prime Minister & I was excellent. I believe the time slots had a lot to do with the ratings being low. You guys have nothing to judge these idols dealing with hardship with insults. DID YOU KNOW YOONA IS THE IDOL THAT IS THE MOST IDEAL TYPES WITH IDOL BOYS. She deserves it, I'll let you guys hate but you can't just write or say it in public. Even if some people says tat her voice was a bad, i dont care because that truth is she has a soft and sweet voice. She maybe not perfect but i love her because she has good hearted, friendly, joyful and lovable person. And for the haters of yoona unnie, you dont have the rights to insult her so back off!!! and one day I accidental watch your Video with ur member I really like you .

Yoon A is not plastic, did u see her pre-debut pic. As i was addicted to the kpop group of snsd, i noticed that she is in good in dancing. The first I really don't like you Because You are so thin and I wonder all of member are pretty why they choose you to be lead role in drama and Image of SNSD !

Ahora les presento los resultados de la votacion... y dejen sus comentarios que ellos nos ayudan a alimentarnos...

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Como dije antes Yoon Eun Hye es una de nuestras actrice favoritas y en la posicion 17 participa en un drama-comedia fabuloso... podras disfrutar de candentes escenas y besos hermosos...Love rain, The K2 & The king in love are the best drama of Yoona so far. :) I've been a fan of SNSD since 2009 and my bias is Yoona. From The K2 to The King in love, it was her best performance. Dear Yoong, honestly I knew you much earlier than the other korean actor and actress. words are relatively less seeing your beauty...............: Yoona's new movie's role's name is also Ani ..... you will always have supportive fans like me and others here who are always with you. hope they will remake it but this time longer and the stories of the other characters should have endings too. No need to her acting is 'shit' - like you could do any better. Hwaiting everyone~ After I watched Love Rain, I become a fan of Yoona. Recently there's a news (China web site) reporting that Lee Seung Gi and Jang Guen Suk were fighting because of Yoona. What made PM&I worked was the perfect chemistry between Yoona and Lee Beom Soo, so much so I hardly noticed the age difference (was there any?

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