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This is at least partially due to the problems that college and university administrators faced in dealing with the extraordinary enrollment surge in the middle and late 1960s, when the Baby Boomers began to reach college age.In Cedar Falls, the quiet Iowa State Teachers College, with an enrollment of 3616 in 1960, became the University of Northern Iowa, with an enrollment of 9723 in 1970.He said, "I simply cannot understand a mind that wants to build a skyscraper in the middle of a cornfield." Professor Fox called for a meeting on the matter, but only a few students, faculty, and administrators attended.The planning administrators who did attend were ready to defend their recommendations.But there was a clear need for even more on-campus housing than the Regents Complex provided.At their January 1966 meeting, the Board of Regents authorized planning for a .8 million dormitory with accommodations for six hundred students.

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They told the Regents that they did not believe that a single building would meet anticipated enrollment growth. The plan to share dining facilities with Campbell Hall was abandoned.They also pointed out that using caissons in the construction of the foundation would be more economical than using the continuous footings of traditional buildings.