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29-Aug-2017 10:58

Now, after Hurricane Irma, the cleanup—and the insurance claims process—begins.

The first 30 to 60 days post-storm are critical in ensuring coverage for your property damage and business interruption losses after the storm.

Most policies will include a section titled “Duties in the Event of Loss,” outlining the insured’s cooperation requirements such as permitting the insurer to conduct an “examination under oath” (EUO), requiring that the insured provide certain documents or maintenance records, or allowing the insurer to inspect the property.

Insureds should consider consulting knowledgeable coverage counsel to help guide them through what the policy does and does not require of them, as well as guiding them through the claims process.

A failure to comply with these deadlines may bar coverage.

To maximize the value of their business-interruption claims, commercial insureds should thus immediately provide written notice of business-interruption losses, whether they are losses for a full shutdown, a partial shutdown or a break in the supply chain or vendor’s damage.

Note, however, that your deadline will not be extended unless you receive written confirmation of the extension from your insurer. The proof of loss is a document that identifies the property damaged and documents all amounts incurred.

Oftentimes the proof of claim or proof of loss will include items like before and after photographs, receipts, invoices, quotes and other records.

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Locate and review your property policy, wind-only policy (if applicable) and flood policy. It is extremely important to provide written notice to your insurance agent and insurance company as soon as possible post-storm.Hurricane Irma Claims Checklist As soon as it is possible to do so, both individual and business insureds should take the following steps to maximize coverage for their Hurricane Irma claims. Take photographs of the exterior and interior of property, including personal property.