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However, when someone asked about a bathroom, they were handed a shovel and a roll of toilet paper, then pointed into the woods.I decided to wait until Norway Pass, which I recall having a bathroom icon on the Nat Geo map.That was the first time I ran, and I mean literally ran, the entire way up a climb like that. When the race director Candice Burt said to head towards the arch, I made sure to get up front because I was going to run. All of the nearly 15,000’ of climbing and definitely the 16,000’ of descending. and we’re off.Most trail runs start on wide road to spread out the runners a bit.It’s cold enough for me to wear my fully waterproof jacket, one of many required pieces of gear.I also have a heavier, insulated jacket with the tags still on it in my pack shoved into a Ziploc bag.

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Shortly thereafter, I had to take care of the business one needs to take care of around 7 am, when I usually wake up.

This one jumps immediately into single track, and then stays mostly that way until the finish at Marble Mountain Sno-Park.

It’s a fairly standard practice to hike a lot at the beginning of an ultra race and I wanted to establish a gap ahead of the hikers. It isn’t raining, but drops are still falling from the trees.

Gastrointestinal issues always fall into the “must address immediately” category. I held it in for a few slow miles before I had to take care of business at a gas station.

I was fine afterwards and got back to my marathon pace. I would have made my sub-3 hour goal if I had addressed it immediately.

Eight days ago, I did my last big training run up Larch Mountain.

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