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Historic archaeological deposits are directly related to the construction of the St.Joseph Apache Mission Church, and its predecessor, and will be considered as part of a future archaelogical nomination.On October 20, 1875, a new executive order extended the reservation into the Sacramento Mountains due in large part to sympathetic Indian Commissioner Francis A. In October 1880 during a bloody battle at Trea Castullos, Apache warrior Victorio and most of his war party were killed, including a number of New Mexico Mescaleros disenchanted with reservations and corrupt agents.In 1881 troops were removed from the reservation, but these remained difficult times for Mescaleros.During the culture’s Formative Period from circa 200 to 1400 AD, people continued to practice dry and flood land agriculture while living in pit houses and later pueblo villages.Several sites of the Formative Period including that at Mescalero have been found in the Tularosa Basin and surrounding mountains.Sites from the culture’s Corona Phase ranging from circa 1100 to 1200 AD have been found in piñon-juniper areas of broad valleys near water sources.Shelters were typically shallow square pithouses using upright stone slabs to outline them.

These deposits contain information important to the understanding of prehistory and history at the regional and local levels of significance.Both the Spanish Colonial and New Mexican government tried to maintain control over the trade route but soon lost to the new American interests, particularly fur traders, moving into the region. Protestant churches received the majority of the agencies throughout the West, with eight assigned to the Catholic Church.

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