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25-Sep-2017 18:05

“We talk about driving as if it is the most important thing - it is important for the women’s movement...

but there are certain legal restrictions that are still in place [that are also a pressing issue],” she added.

Bill negotiators agreed to make a handful of technical changes to the draft legislation, which Beckerman said helped earn support of the Internet companies.

Those changes include clarity that criminal charges are based on violations of federal human trafficking law and that a standard for liability requires a website “knowingly” assisting of facilitating trafficking.

The news that King Salman of Saudi Arabia has issued a royal decree finally giving women in the conservative Kingdom the right to drive was met with celebration both inside the country and across the globe.

Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that does not allow women to drive.

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The Saudi social mores and laws are heavily influenced by Arab tribal customs and ultra-conservative Wahhabi Islam.Even life-saving operations and procedures require the written signature of a male relative.In cases of divorce, women are only allowed custody of their children until they reach the age of seven (boys) and nine (girls).“It’s a long struggle and a long road to serious equality.” King Salman and crown prince Mohammed bin Salman have implemented “Vision 2030”, a long-term blueprint of economic and social reforms designed to modernise Saudi Arabia and wean itself off reliance on oil revenue.

While there has been promise of several reforms for female citizens so far just a handful of the important decisions a woman in Saudi Arabia still cannot make for herself include: Permission to marry must be granted by your wali, or guardian.Much of the subsequent written law has focused on the areas of economics and foreign relations.

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