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Your story takes viewers right inside red-light districts and brothels. Were prostitutes or their clients upset by having you nearby?

The prostitutes seemed fine; the clients, of course, were not fine! It took me months to actually gain access to the red-light district, and we only filmed in the district for three weeks -- much of that time was downtime as we negotiated further access.

What did men tell you about why they don't wear condoms? But most of the men I spoke to as they were visiting brothels said they saw no relationship between wearing a condom and preventing HIV and AIDS. Although I've heard this is changing, especially in Kolkata.

In Sonagachi, Calcutta, the other red-light district you profile in your piece, the sex workers run the show, demanding that clients wear condoms in an effort to stop the spread of AIDS. Well, I don't think all sex workers can say "no condoms, no sex," but if they're able to anywhere in India, it does seem to be more possible in Kolkata.

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In Kolkata, many of the girls are born into it -- and while they have no choice but to be sex workers, there's a different level of respect.

Some have described Kamathipura, the red-light district in Bombay [also known as Mumbai], as the "fleshy center of India's HIV time bomb." Can you talk about sex workers and the conditions they face in Bombay? In Kolkata [Calcutta], there is a sex worker union that is fighting for the right to be legal.